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Is it normal that some colors appear grainy as if through a mosquito net?

Question asked by sayoko3 on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by kahless_uk

Hi. I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad 110-15acl with AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics and AMD Radeon(TM) M430.


Some colors, mostly the medium-bright ones like yellow (think The-Simpsons-kind-of yellow) and light blue (theTwitter/Explorer-kind-of-blue) appear a bit grainy, as if seen through a mosquito net. Basically, inside certain monochrome areas you can see there are lighter points, but mostly it's a grid/mesh effect.


Most colors are fine, but still, it's VERY annoying, especially considering I have less expensive laptops that don't have this issue.


I tried to alter the screen brightness and also tinkered with the advanced settings in the AMD Catalyst Control Center (-> Desktop Color), but the problem remains.


Is there a way to fix this, or I just have to return the laptop? Thanks.

AMD Radeon(TM) R5