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BF1 Application Launch Issue (Black Screen) repeatable with VIDEO

Question asked by vipeness on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by vipeness

To start, this has been happening since open beta and this is the only game that this happens on.


When I launch Battlefield 1, every time, the monitor (BenQ) will not detect a signal from the game. I will have to turn off my BenQ monitor then turn it back on (as shown in the video URL below). Once I turn it back on, the game pops right up. If I do not turn on the monitor, you can hear the music from the game in the background until I turn the monitor off then back on.


After I turn on the monitor, the game shows, but it has reset all my video settings. Almost every time, I will show the same re-calibrating your experience, etc... I'll have to go into the video settings and update them it all over again to match my system's configuration. It even shows the wrong monitor and I can not select the right monitor even though I have both monitors disabled and shut off.


Video of this happening: (this is repeatable every time)


*After recording, I tried launching the game again, but it didn't go to window mode like the video... it looped back to the beginning of the video I posted full-screen.


I'm running:

  • Windows 10 Pro (anniversary update and all latest updates)
  • AMD r9 390X 8GB video card (latest video drivers) plugged in via DP1.2a
  • BenQ XL2730Z 144Hz 27 Inch Gaming Monitor (
  • (2) Dell S2409W monitors (turned off when I play)
  • Corsair Strafe (Cherry MX Silent) keyboard