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    Latest AMD Update completely made a game unplayable.


      I got a notification today about the new AMD update. I went through with it right away, and it was pretty fast. I went to play a game I've been sinking some time into (H1z1), and once in game it is unplayable. Every second or so the game lurches forward. It seems as though it is having issues rendering possibly. It worked right before the update, but now it gives me a headache playing it for longer than a couple minutes with how choppy it is. The Frame rate says its stable at 80-110, but it keeps lurching forward. Has anyone had any issues like this? Or does anyone know how I can revert back to the old version to find out if its the AMD update or the game?


      I have the I-5 4690k, 16 GB of RAM, and an r9 290x if that matters.