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about dual graphics...amd a8-7600 and sapphire r7-240 2gb 128bit....HELP!

Question asked by spinz88 on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by amdmatt


Hi im sorry in my previous post its not complete info...

OS: windows 10 64bit

PROCESSOR: amd a8-7600

GRAPHIC CARD: sapphire r7-240 2gb 128bit

RAM: kingston hyperx 8gb

MOBO: gigabyte F2A68HM-DS2


I need your help about dual graphics in this latest radeon crimson edition.i just notice yesterday that my amd graphics in amd a8-7600 was disable and my sapphire r7-240 2gb has been set to primary. is this mean that im not using dual graphics instead it only use r7-240 graphics.can help me or give some advice on what to do,,.? in the old software in CCC i can used dual graphics and i can configure it and when i update it to crimson edition its just automatic activate dual graphics. and to this latest crimson edition which i update yesterday amd graphics in amd a8-7600 was disable. I hope you can help me in these matter im searching in google and youtube but cant find any answers...sorry for my english....THANK YOU