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    crossfire users, do you get BSOD when disabling and then re-enabling crossfire? and do you get BSOD's sometimes when installing new drivers?


      i made a thread awhile ago talking about getting bsod with ulps enabled when enabling and disabling crossfire.. ULPS causing random BSOD's when enabling crossfire in both during driver installation and after in the amd radeon settings  i also made sure to report it to amd. recently again i received a bsod when updating to the new 16.10.2 drivers for battlefield 1. installed it how i usually do. used the latest ddu in safemode to wipe the old ones, rebooted back into windows, and installed the new drivers.... and right when it hit the part to auto enable crossfire... screen flashes black, then flashed a corrupted screens with weird diagonal lines, then flashed black, then corrupt again, and then finally a bsod from a tdr with atikmdag.


      anytime i get a bsod, which is typically uncommon (before this series of incidents might of been..... two years since i last got a bsod?), i always do a reformat and fresh install to rule out issues caused by corruption from the bsod. so after the bsod i wiped my system, reinstalled windows, and held my breath when installing the new drivers again. this time it took only one try unlike the last time where it took five tries to install the drivers bsod free.


      as i mentioned in my original post, i pinpointed it on ulps causing the bsod's when enabling crossfire. i was able to pinpoint it primarily from the fact that i still received them after driver installation when disabling and then re-enabling crossfire in the settings panel. after disabling ulps via regedit the bsod's stop when doing so. i got the idea of disabling ulps from doing some googling finding posts from years ago of people enduring a similar problem and disabling ulps fixed their crossfire crashes.


      so i'm curious to know if other crossfire users receive or have received a bsod during a driver install with a crossfire system and when disabling and re-enabling crossfire after enabling it with ulps enabled in the settings panel? just want to know if i'm the only one or not lol.



      running asus rx 480 strix oc's.