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Can't find/install AMD High Definition Audio Driver for HD 4600 on Windows 10

Question asked by rigisme on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by rigisme

Way back when I first installed Windows 10, I had an issue getting my HD 4600 card to work.  I know the legacy (13.1) drivers had to be used, and I eventually got it figured out.  My card and audio was working perfectly in Windows 10 on my TV (through my audio receiver).


I just got the Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade, and man, is it a hassle to get this working!  My drivers were no longer any good, so I had to remove all the drivers for my card, go download the legacy drivers, and I finally got them to install (using Windows 8 compatibility and Admin access).


So, I'm on the latest version of Windows 10, and I have Catalyst Control Center running.  My video signal looks/works great on my TV.

However, I do not have any AMD HDMI audio in the "Sounds" area on Win 10.  (I have "show disabled devices" checked, too.)


Looking in Device Manager and Sounds, I don't see that the AMD High Definition Audio driver got installed.  And, I don't see it available as a driver in either the legacy 13.1 or 13.4 (beta) packages for my HD 4600 card.


Can anyone assist in finding and installing this dang audio driver?!  I had this working in Windows 10, so I know there's a way.  I'm just not finding a way to get that particular driver installed!