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    Can't find/install AMD High Definition Audio Driver for HD 4600 on Windows 10


      Way back when I first installed Windows 10, I had an issue getting my HD 4600 card to work.  I know the legacy (13.1) drivers had to be used, and I eventually got it figured out.  My card and audio was working perfectly in Windows 10 on my TV (through my audio receiver).


      I just got the Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade, and man, is it a hassle to get this working!  My drivers were no longer any good, so I had to remove all the drivers for my card, go download the legacy drivers, and I finally got them to install (using Windows 8 compatibility and Admin access).


      So, I'm on the latest version of Windows 10, and I have Catalyst Control Center running.  My video signal looks/works great on my TV.

      However, I do not have any AMD HDMI audio in the "Sounds" area on Win 10.  (I have "show disabled devices" checked, too.)


      Looking in Device Manager and Sounds, I don't see that the AMD High Definition Audio driver got installed.  And, I don't see it available as a driver in either the legacy 13.1 or 13.4 (beta) packages for my HD 4600 card.


      Can anyone assist in finding and installing this dang audio driver?!  I had this working in Windows 10, so I know there's a way.  I'm just not finding a way to get that particular driver installed!