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When will the RX400 series of cards work with world of warcraft legion? (XFX RX470 skipping/low fps)

Question asked by forlin on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by forlin

I have recently brought a Radeon RX470 4GB XFX Video card to replace my Radeon R7 260x XFX.


The hope was it would play world of warcraft - legion better as i wanted to enjoy the new graphics updates, but its much worse than the 4 year old card.

The card seems to jump from high 90fps to 10-15fps suddenly on any graphics settings,

I am currently playing on lowest settings and my friends laptop with integrated graphics does not struggle with but this card does.


I Understand that my processor isn't the best as its an FX6300, but it was fine before i put the new card in


I was told by the blizzard support staff that this card is not yet supported, so my question is when will it be supported?

Is there a driver update on the way to help with the poor performance of the card in this game?