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    Driver amdgpu for r7 m265 ubuntu?


      Good morning, especially community support group AMD .. I am a Ubuntu user for some time and always enjoyed the platform, as well as freedom. But now I feel obligated to have two operating systems on my machine, so you can try to use the actual capacity of it. Today I have a Dell Inspiron 5548 with ATI Radeon R7 M265, something quite satisfastorio in my opinion. But I can not use my linux computer, due to the lack of AMD's support for the Linux platform. Soon wonder, today xenial ubuntu (16:04), is in its version 16.04.1 and yet unsupported by you for some cards. So I ask, can you give a forecast, warning or help for this? For I long to enjoy my linux computer, so I trust you and really get in waiting, so to help users of the various products to not lose confidence in you.

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          At this time only three mobility GPUs (R9 M395X Graphics, R9 M385 Graphics, R9 M380 Graphics) are supported in AMDGPU Pro driver. Unfortunately i cannot comment on when and if support will be added for other mobility products, but if it does we'll be sure to shout about it.