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    AMD! please fix this


      this crap has been going on for to damn long FIX this MSAA crap problem with your drivers for "The Crew" cuz its preventing anyone with AMD cards from using one of the games features




      doesn't look like you give a crap about cuz months later and new drivers still doesnt fix this massive problem for this game

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          I have not been too pleased with AMD lately either..


          Killing Floor 2's realtime reflections have been broken since the first crimson drivers came out in the beginning of the year.


          Mid year they stated they knew why this was happening and their engineers were working on it.. Almost November and still no fix.


          Ever since crimson their drivers have been breaking things. And unlike users with older cards, I can't roll back to pre crimson drivers on a RX 480.

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              Crimson has been nothing but a huge problem for me. At the start of the Overwatch beta I was getting 90+ FPS on a 290/3570k combo, and today I'm lucky to get a stable 60 with no on-screen action.


              If this doesn't get sorted out soon I'm definitely not going with AMD when I upgrade this year.