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R9 295X2 Crossfire and Performance issues

Question asked by ejaz_tariq on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by ejaz_tariq

Its been more then a year i have been using this worked fine no issues at all if their where bugs and performance issues in nvidia supported games they where fixed later in an update.Its been like 2-3 months or more since new drivers rolled in and my card perfomace is worst in forza i didnt even reach 60 fps with even msa off 1366x768 while Rx 480 was running it fine at 1080p with 60 fps i also tryed 1080p but it got worst and fps droped even more.the problem started from Aug 2016 i updated my gpu drivers since then my cs go is lagging from stable 300+ fps it doesnt even give me 120 fps now the fps is continuously random from 60 - 100 then 40 its unstable as for dota 2 it is jumping from 180 - 110 fps and new games are lagging alot on high settings even if i lower my settings the fps problem still is there even in cs go i tryed every thing even reinstalled windows the problem still is there it really burns to see 200 $ card beating a 1500$ and yes i even rolled back to old driver but the problem was there now after new windows i got the latest amd driver 16.10.2 when i play Civilization Vi at 30 fps 1366x768 its even worst on 1080 p same fps i cant even play at 1366x768 and i bought this card for 4k all my money has been gone to waste i cant even play new games now a cheap end budget card is getting more fps then mine people where right that amd is bad with their driver and their crossfire support is ... its proven if you cant fix your drivers tell me and i will scrap this piece of ... and buy some nvidia card atleast they have better graphic card drivers  this isnt the first time iam having this issue i also had driver issues with hd 4850, hd 6790 and yh before gta 5 also ran fine now it lags also


Intel i7 5960x
R9 295x2
32GB DDR4 Ram

Asus Rampage V Extreme