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RX 480 NITRO+ (8gb / 1342boost gpu) yellow triangles in the sky in Forza Horizon 3

Question asked by a100n on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by gto_pro

On the driver 16.10.2 I have a problem with yellow trianlges in the sky - in the game "forza horizon 3"

(msaa x8) the problem occurs after a certain time, once it were small yellow squares , and always in the sky ...

gpu has a temperature of about 70 'fans are working in a 20% / 22%

The problem is only visible when i see the car - driving in the cockpit or on the bumper, yellow triangles disappear ...

I was checking the card program and it looks that it is ok ... could it be a problem in the driver 16.10.2 ???

I often see after upgrading the driver, the screen turns black for a moment (not just games) but uninstall the driver, cleaning the registry and reinstall usually solves the problem ...



my PC

memory 16GB (1600MHz Kingston)

CPU FX 6300 OC 6 * 4.100mhz

GPU RX 480 nitro + OC (1342/8000) shappire

mainboard Gigabyte 970A DS3P rev 1.0 (lastest bios)

power 700w




I check in Trixx 6.1.0 RX power consumption 190W max



When reduced OC for my CPU problem solved (reduce from 6*4.1 ghz to 6*3.9 ghz)

propably my fx6300 no like 4.1ghz:)