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Does AMD Radeon Settings void the warranty?

Question asked by etherion on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2016 by ambrose

I bought a Sapphire Duo Pro a few months ago for a project at work. Hardly used it until a month ago when the project got to the data crunching part. It is used with OpenCL compute. One of the GPU's started to give errors after a few weeks. So I send the card back for replacement.

I got the replacement Sapphire Duo Pro today. But did not trust this thing anymore. So the first the thing I did was the stress test it. After testing it for about 45min it, it reset the PC and now I can't boot with it.

So my question is: Does useing Radeon Settings with GPU's clock 110%, Power limit +100% and running a stress test void the warranty? It got a radiator and surely it should protect itself.  

I had 16.9.2 installed and was running Furmark to stress test. I have a Nvidia Quadro 5000 GPU back in the system now.

When I boot now the pc works but with the Duo Pro it is stuck before the bios load with a blinking cursor in the upper right corner.

If install both screen cards with the screens attached to the Q5000 then the Q5000 is listed and two video controllers are listed with yellow exclamation marks in device manager. If I then install AMD drivers the PC reset.

Did I break it? is it the system that break the card? Is the card just not capable of handeling this type of use? or is this just unlucky?

Workstation specs Precision T7500 with 1300W PSU. Windows 7 SP1 Enteprise