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R9 290 hard crash when starting Unity games. Possible RAM problem with GPU?

Question asked by lachlann on Oct 24, 2016

So this started last Monday (10/17/2016).

OS is Windows 10. R9 290. 16Gb RAM. Games direct from Steam.

Games ran fine in the AM. No changes were made or game updates between then and lunch.

Now, if I try to run a Unity game (7 Days to Die, Sir you are being Hunted) the entire PC instantly powers off the moment it tries to load the map. No logs, no warnings, no errors.... it just powers off like you pulled the plug.

Other games (Factorio, Warhammer: Vermintide) run just fine. No problems.

I have:

Removed/reinstalled games.

Checked for bad fonts (per the Unity support forums).

Swapped out individual RAM sticks.

Downgraded and upgraded drivers (16.9, 16.10, 16.10.1, 16.10.2).

Nothing has helped, so I finally just reset the PC to factory settings, wiping and reinstalling the OS.

I installed Steam brand new, installed 7 Days to Die brand new, and tried to play.... and it instantly shut the entire PC off again.

After the wipe/reinstall of the OS, I'm wondering if there is a RAM problem with the R9 290 and Unity is calling out to a bad spot in the RAM.

Is there a RAM checker for these kinds of cards?