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HDR support for Display port 1.2 ?

Question asked by spicygfx on Oct 22, 2016
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I have Shadow warrior 2 which is the first pc game that support HDR. I tried connecting my Dual R9 390 (in CFX mode)  to Hisense uled tv by using the Hdmi 1.4 port in graphic card to HDMI 2.0 in my TV and It did work and got the HDR signal in my TV but I'm stuck with 4K/30 fps because of the limitation of HDMI 1.4. The cable i'm using is HDMI 2.0.


Anyway, I bought Club3d  adapter CEC-1070 (dp to HDMI 2.0) from amazon. It arrived after two weeks (I don't live in the USA) and I had no problem getting 4K/60 signal in my TV. However, the HDR option in Shadow warrior 2 can't be selected. Also, it seems the pixel format setting in CCC just disappear when I switch to Display port. is that normal ?.


Any idea ?.