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    7950 Crossfire Disabled Help!


      2x 7950 Crossfire


      Monitor via HDMI Connection - Insignia 40' HDTV Model Number NS-40D510NA15

      8GB DDR3 Memory

      MSI Z77a-G45 (MS-7752) BIOS 2.6


      I'm just not sure how to get my crossfire back up and working. After doing a complete driver uninstall, file wipe in safe mode, and a reinstall, the 1st card works fine, but the 2nd card still shows an Error Code 43 on the Device Manager. Please help! I have updated my drivers to the most current, but this hasn't changed the cards status in any way.

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          Hey Comic,


          I would do an uninstall of the drivers then reboot. Then run Amd Cleanup Utility, search for the download. After that go in to device manager and uninstall both cards. Then power down and remove both cards and swap them, meaning switch positions. Make sure the bridge is back on and reboot. Then reinstall the latest drivers and see if this happens again. If it does, power down. On the failing card see if you have a bios button or switch on your card that is failing and press it and reboot. If you still have a a problem in the device manager and its the exact same card even after swapping slots you may have a bad card.


          Good luck!

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              Thank you for all your help! I haven't tried your suggestions yet, I am moving so I won't be working on the computer until its over. However, I do have new developments, in a sort. Tonight, turning on the computer and checking device manager (keep in mind I have done nothing to remedy the problem) shows both cards are working properly. Even Catalyst recognizes both cards!


              However, I still do have a sort of problem. In the global gaming section, the option for crossfire is available. Selecting it on then shuts down the catalyst software for a moment. There's a pause, then it reopens to the default page. Checking the Crossfire status afterwords still shows it as unchecked. Should I continue with your advice unchanged or does this alter things?

              Again, thank you for your help!

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                  For me crossfire always sets itself on by default after every driver update. Strange yours is not doing that.

                  A few questions:


                  Do you have the bridge installed and is it on completely?


                  Did it work properly before you updated your last driver? If it did then it may be a software problem. Do what I said, uninstall all AMD then use the AMD CLEANUP UTILITY. Some people like to use the program DISPLAY DRIVER UNINSTALLER and they do it in safemod. After the reboot you should see the resolution changed to a lower one. Check device manager and see if there is an error, if there is not, then go ahead and install your driver and recheck.


                  BTW Error 43 is normally a driver issue so I don't see a hardware issue. If nothing seems to work try an older driver then update it or do a OS reinstall.