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rx480: cannot get 3840x2160 60hz on Displayport

Question asked by maxc on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by maxc


please help with an issue I cannot resolve.

My ASUS RX480-8G is connected to 2 LG 27UD88 monitors:

The main monitor is connected with Displayport and the secondary with HDMI.

I can get 3840X2160 60Hz 4/4/4 on the secondary monitor but I can only get 3840x2160 30Hz on the primary.

The primary monitor is reported to be 60Hz capable

however the Adapter modes don't have the 3840x2160 60Hz option:

The secondary monitor, connected through HDMI,  runs at 3840x2160 60Hz 4/4/4

(By the way, the Pixel Format setting is available only on the monitor connected through HDMI, don't know if this is expected)


I also tried to reduce the color depth to 8 bits but nothing changes, and if I connect the secondary monitor with DisplayPort the 60Hz mode disappears and it behaves exactly like the primary.


My configuration:

     OS: W10 Anniversary edition

     AMD Graphic driver: (04-Oct-16)

     Primary Monitor: Displayport, LG Driver (21-Aug-15)

     Secondary Monitor: HDMI (Ultre Deep Color enabled), LG Driver (21-Aug-15)

     Cables: received with the monitors


Thank you for your help,