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Dual AMD Firepro v3900 & w600 on windows 7 pro

Question asked by dedotierra on Oct 21, 2016


I have server with Firepro v3900 for small monitor and Firepro w600 for six LCD TVs Samsung (1080p) on OS Windows 7 pro.

I installed last drivers for both cards, but Windows is unable to detect small monitor or maybe Firepro V3900 itself.


*Before this there was some older drivers (I did not install them) and via AMD control center the six LCD TVs was set up as one desktop (2x3) and it works,

but the Windows was freezing at start up or even the did not start at all, almost every time. It was luck when it starts.


And second, very important issue is that I cannot adjust the eyefinity bezel compensation precisely 2x3 with that yellow triangles.

(My opinion is that you should be able set up all at one shot, not by that several steps)


Can anybody please help me with this issues?