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What Are People Expecting?

Question asked by ambrose on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by black_zion

Hello All,


I am looking at the forums and I see some new posts of people experiencing issues with the new Crimson. I am just wondering.....If you are playing a game and getting decent frame rates already, Why are people using the new Crimson so soon or at all? unless it is fixing an on going issue people have.  I ask this question because I install the latest driver each and every time it comes out and I never seem to experience the issues that others seem to have, I usually have 1 game or another in progress when these new drivers become available, and I uninstall the old and reinstall the new and I continue on with my gaming.


For others it seems like it breaks on their OS or something, or they loose FPS. Unless the new driver will fix a particular game that people already play with good frame rates, is the possibility of 5 or more frames per/sec even worth replacing your working driver and decent game play? How much are people pushing there systems in the hope of getting those few extra frames, and can you really see the differences? I would understand the logic if one was only getting 30 FPS in a game all the time and it increased to 100 FPS but from what I gather from the info the gains are negligible, is that worth the instability?


To the people that read this post, please excuse my ignorance. I love gaming but it is not to the extent that I strive in my hopes to squeeze an extra 5 or 10 FPS from a new driver, and if I was a person who seemed to experience issues frequently with new drivers I think I would opt not to do them as regularly as I do if I was getting very expectable gaming from my current driver. I don't think I would take the chance if I felt it was going to effect my pleasure in gaming.


With Great Respect, Ambrose