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i seem to be missing something.

Question asked by alecwilson on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by catchabreak

i cannot seem to find out whats wrong with my setup.

GPU-R9 280X

CPU- AMD FX(Tm)- 8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50ghz

With 12gb of Memory.

My motherboard is a ASUSTek M5A97 2.0 Version rev 1.xx


Any assistance on what i should be upgrading would be amazing!

i seem to have assumed way too much and thought my FPS would be great through most games, Such as World of Warcraft. for Honor, and most First person shooters.

usually having to play at medium graphic setting with maybe 30-45 frames is nice but i want to knock it up to higher settings with constant 60+

i want to know which parts of my PC need to be upgraded to run sufficient frames at high settings.