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    i seem to be missing something.


      i cannot seem to find out whats wrong with my setup.

      GPU-R9 280X

      CPU- AMD FX(Tm)- 8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50ghz

      With 12gb of Memory.

      My motherboard is a ASUSTek M5A97 2.0 Version rev 1.xx


      Any assistance on what i should be upgrading would be amazing!

      i seem to have assumed way too much and thought my FPS would be great through most games, Such as World of Warcraft. for Honor, and most First person shooters.

      usually having to play at medium graphic setting with maybe 30-45 frames is nice but i want to knock it up to higher settings with constant 60+

      i want to know which parts of my PC need to be upgraded to run sufficient frames at high settings.

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          If you took the time to explain what your issue is, I am sure that there are lots of members who would be willing to help.

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            Radeon settings/global settings turn tessellation down, Anti-aliasing down, Anisotropic filtering down, texture filtering to performance, you need to go through these settings and gradually turn them up until you decide when graphics and frame rate are  at an acceptable level. if the game has a diminishing graphics detail near/far you could alter that, shadows is a big cpu/gpu performance. You can generally tweak a lot of the graphic settings in games. With older games a better cpu can help frame rates. You could replace your cpu with an FX 8350 or better but you would want a better motherboard. "Asus Crosshair V Formula-z",  only board I would recommend for these high power chips. but with Zen just being around the corner is it worth it.

            A lot of the older games ran on dx9 and new games on dx11 and cannot be  optimised further.

            dx12  and Vulcan are ways to make your gpu/cpu more efficient and be further optimised.

            check out Doom running in Vulcan gives you a massive fps boost check web


            Watch out for NVidia stuff like Gameworks or heavy tessellation in some games. Whicher3 and Tomb Raider. High penalty on frames for AMD cards if these are running in the game.


            If you went out and spent $3000 on a maxed performance pc some games in 1080p are lucky to get 60fps when the game is at max settings, such as .  Deus EX, Mafia, Gears of War 4 .Your really talking on a new setup if you want high frame rates at more than high settings. I wouldn't bother upgrading anything just wait for zen to come out then see which is the best cpu price/performance and then look to what new graphics cards are around. Sorry if you just bought system or upgrades but games are so much more demanding and will only require more graphics/cpu power.

            Long winded I know but you need to know this as a whole.

            I have a RX 480 and FX 8350 combo but will probably replace all but the psu next year

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