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    FX 7500 + R7 M260DX Crossfire Issue




      AMD Graphics Card: R7 M260DX

      Laptop: Lenovo Z50-75

      Operating System: Windows 10 64bit

      Driver version installed: Crimson 16.9.2

      Display Devices: 1920x1080 @60hz (1280x720 on games)

      APU: FX 7500

      Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage: Lenovo ADLX65NCC3A 65W 20V

      RAM: 8GB


      I have an issue with crossfire in my laptop that when I run some game or other application that needs dedicated graphics it only uses the integrated graphics and the discrete it's always under 0% usage, even when I force in Radeon settings to use the dedicated it does not use or it makes fps very unstable.

      Example: When playing CS GO forcing the dedicated the fps are very unstable.

      If I could use both graphics I would have more fps and performance in games or applications than just using APU.


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


      Best Regards

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          CS:GO is a very heavy game on the CPU, so i doubt there is much you can do to improve performance as the GPU is unlikely to be the limitation. Use the switchable graphics application monitor to ensure the discrete GPU is being used.

          How to Configure Laptop Switchable Graphics

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              Thank you for your answer.


              I did that already a couple of times in Windows 8 and Windows 10 and nothing solve the problem.

              I switched to high performance on old CCC software on Windows 8 and on Windows 10 to AFR with Crimson 16.9.2 and the CS GO is only using the APU.

              When I use AFR the game glitch all the textures making the game unplayable so I think it's a driver issue or other problem related to AMD graphics processors, because when I play, for example, Crysis 3 I see my GPU going to 100% usage unlike the CS GO and more other games that only use the APU.


              So there has to be a fix for this or something that AMD have to work on to make APU and GPU work together in all games, or at least on most recent games.

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                  You should use the latest Crimson drivers as they have an AMD CrossFire profile for CS:GO, however the limitation is going to be the CPU so the scaling may not be great over both cards. If you are using AFR then both GPUs are working as that is a CrossFire mode.

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                      I'm using the latest drivers for my system.


                      Ok so you're saying that the limitation is the cpu, however I have another laptop with a Intel core 2 duo t9550, 4gb ram, nvidia 9600m gs, and it performs a lot better than my recent laptop with dual graphics, how do you explain that? I can only assume that is a dual graphics technology problem.

                      AFR does not work well because it makes all textures bugged and I cannot play the game.

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                  This is definitely not a gaming laptop and any setting over 'low' will be problematic.

                  Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-75 Notebook Review Update - NotebookCheck.net Reviews


                  Gaming Performance


                  Just looking at the 3DMark 2011 benchmarks scores indicate that the performance of the installed graphics solution should roughly be on par with a dedicated Radeon HD 8750M GPU. The gaming benchmarks did not confirm this. The IdeaPad rarely, if at all, comes close to a correspondingly equipped laptop. The Z50-75 managed to render most games in a low (to sometimes medium) resolution and low (to sometimes medium) quality settings smoothly. Therefore, it is likely that something will happen in some games in the future providing the drivers are optimized accordingly. The Radeon R6 M255DX graphics solution supports AMD's Mantle interface, and we tested the game Thief with and without Mantle. The frame rates averagely climbed by 23.6% to 18.4 fps (min.), 13.1 fps (med.), 10.1 fps (high) with enabled Mantle. Battlefield 4 also supports Mantle. However, the tool fraps refused to record the frame rates when the Mantle interface was enabled. Consequently, we cannot provide any results for this game.


                  "Buyers looking for an affordable, gaming-suitable laptop will find considerably better alternatives in the 400 to 500 Euro (~$501 to ~$627) price range. For example, the Aspire E1-572G (Core i5-4200U, Radeon HD 8750M). This device is now available for 470 Euros, ~$590 (or 400 Euros, ~$501, without a Windows operating system). Also, entry-level versions of the Akoya P6647 (Core i5-4200M, GeForce 825M) are available for below 500 Euros (~$627)."

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