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Audio Problem : RX 480 & Xonar STX Essence I, 3 Months Audio Problem still isn't fixed and still not on 'Known Issue'

Question asked by atiquestions on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by atiquestions

I've posted on the forums 3 months that there's sever Audio Problem with the RX 480 with Xonar STX Essence I.


I was then told told fill the problem on this link.  .

I filled the it twice and the first one, was two months ago.

There still hasn't been talk about fixing the Audio Problem or still isn't on the 'Known Issue' either.

I'm pretty sure it's not with motherboard, the audio problem it's just between the RX 480 and the Xonar STX Essence I.


So I'm just going to repeat of what I report on the survey.  Please fix it!  It's been 3 months almost forever now! :


Why hasn't Tech Report address that there's a serious audio problem when you have a RX480 with Xonar STX Essence I Sound Card? It has happen several months now. When you use Foobar2000 and when you start(first) Chrome/Firefox on to Twitch. The Sound Gets really become Distorted and Static and there several approaches to this bug.


1.Start Firefox/Chrome on to Twitch. Start Foobar. And keep on going to other stream channels, and going next songs. The sound suddenly gets distorted and static-ky.

2.Start Firefox/Chrome on Twitch with Foobar. Check on Exclusive Mode on Windows 10 Sound Panel. Close Foobar and Restart Foobar. The sound will get distorted and becomes static-ky.

3. Just straight up listening Foobar 2000 and with Firefox/Chrome.



I tried to board up the bug. By changing 192000HZ to 96000HZ then back 192000HZ on Windows Sound Panel. The Asus Sound Panel doesn't work to board up the bug. When you change frequency format, 192KHZ to 96 KHZ and back to 192KHZ, the stream stops. If you refresh the bug starts again. There's no way around the bug. Try listening between the NVIDIA card and AMD card with the Xonar STX Essence I Sound Card. The sound clearly distinct.




Links from previous post that I did on the forums.

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