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CodeXL debuging problem

Question asked by protein_by on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by dipak

Hello. I buy Radeon RX 480 8 Gb and try to crate OpenCL program for my Course work. I wont to debug my OpenCL code. I use VS 2015 Community, Windows 10 (64 bit) and latest driver for my RX 480 (16.10.1). When I try debug kernel code in CodeXL (by making breakpoints in kernel code) I get error message: "Could not debug kernel \n Error during kernel debugging". 123.png

In VS 2015 debug also not work (when I click "Start debug" my program execute and close). When I should do for debug my OpenCL code?
p.s: sorry for my English