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7970 sapphire oc isboxer

Question asked by soulman80 on Oct 20, 2016

So I have amd board gpu and cpu, I have 850w platinum psu

7970 sapphire 3gb oc

8320 FX oc cpu

I cannot get sto to multibox through isboxer! I have asked the devs there and they are stumped! They say it should be working and short of reverting to win 7 pro instead of win 10 pro, they have no more help to offer me!

Before you whinge about MBing, just don't, I don't pvp, I don't use the markets and I don't mine or get any unfair advantage from MBing, I just really enjoy it!

My problem is this, I can use my old Nvidia GT520 without concern, but the minute I switch to the AMD gpu, nothing, it wont even get to the loading screen! The game itself runs absolutely fine in one instance, but if I try to load more than one it wont get passed the launcher!

Help me please! I have been stuck with this issue now for months and am getting to the point of returning to my ps4 through sheer frustration!