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    elite dangerous has low FPS Since driver 16.10.2


      I have been playing Elite Dangerous with my Radeon R9 270x with 4GB of GDDR Ram on an average FPS of 45. After installing the optional 16.10.2 drivers this dropped to 15 FPS. So I reinstalled the old driver. But now this is also 15 FPS.

      Does anyone know how to get this working again?

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          I have the same issue, 4096x1024 from 60fps with vsync on and all ultra settings to 10fps, unplayable. thanks AMD you guys are great

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            You can submit a bug report here and roll back your driver.

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              Just to let you know what happened to me, after the upgrade of the driver from 16.10.1 to 16.0.2 for some reason i still dont know, i started getting high temps on northbridge and the VGA gpu so i started cleaning all the pc, water cooler, card fan etc. On the first high temp event my pc turned off and when started i noticed that the both clocks form the card R9 390X had set to the minimum 540/750(Default 1080/1500), maybe a self protection to not burn the card. I used the reset button on the MSI afterburner and all seems to be fine now.


              The win 10 (Huge)update for some reason had replace the inf files for a unknown reason, had  reset my eyefinity configuration and it was the first signal of the problem


              My solution was clean the entire pc and using DDU to remove completly  the driver files 16.10 1 so i made a   clean install of the 16.0.2. The first install had problem cuz the crimson software wasnt starting , i made a repair re-install and crimson software runs ok now.


              Everything is fine now... temps ok performance ok on Elite 2.0 and other games(Assetto Corsa, Heroes and Generals), yestarday i got the Elite 2.2 update and the devs again screwed up the game, for me its unplayable, huge framerate drop, docking, jumping, pveing(interdiction), landing on a planet. I hope the AMD or the Devs can realease an update soon as possible.


              Be aware of upgrade the driver or just take care when you do it, if possible use DDU(Guru3D) to completly remove your driver and make a clean install..


              Sorry for my english that is no so good and i hope it helps you guys.

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                I'm also having a problem with this driver and ED Horizons. I don't get an FPS drop, instead the game crashes when I am trying to land at a planet with the following error:


                "A file has failed to load after multiple attempts as Direct3D cannot lock a buffer."


                I have read on the ED forum that this is a common bug for both AMD and Nvidia users so I don't know if it's AMD's fault or Frontier's.


                I'm using a Radeon R9 290X and using the AMD overDrive feature to monitor my card's performance during the game, I can see that my GPU clock speed is around 1047MHz and temperature is around 75-80 degrees celcius with a fan speed of 80-90%. Then I get some graphical glitches and the game just freezes (or the video does, as audio continues in the background) and I can't move or anything in the game and after a while the system error message pops up and I have to exit the game.


                Does anyone know why this happens or if there's a fix for it or is it just a case of waiting for new drivers from either AMD or Frontier?


                At the moment the game is unplayable.

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                    Hey AFXTWN, devs are recommending to turn ON Vsyns so directx 12 stay stable, another thing is to run the CommonRedist DirectX and vcredistGame Folder), on this one in particular  try to repair if already installed. Some rumors about the Launcher that can get your cpu usage to high values are welcome, just turn on the game and see how many cpu the laucnher is using when u play the game. If you get a high usage just close the laucnher and be happy.

                    BTW i know the feeling, each every update of the game or the driver we have to pray that all runs fine.