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    r9 380 Black Screen


      So, I have a new R9 380 and ever since I got it I've been getting random, 2-3 second long, black screens.  I will get a second of frozen screen, then the blackness, then back to my desktop.  Very, very annoying.
        To date I have attempted the following steps to resolve the issues:


      - Ran diagnostics on memory, OS (win10), and graphics card itself, all good.

      - Physically uninstalled card and reinstalled to a new slot.

      - Uninstalled all drivers, used the driver cleaning tool and did a clean install of the newest available drivers.

      - Ran full anti-virus scan, no virii detected.


      Also, the issue seems to be combined with the following errors I have found in my Event Log:


      The Connected Devices Platform Service service terminated with the following error:

      Unspecified error

      Service Control Manager, event id 7023




      The server {37998346-3765-45B1-8C66-AA88CA6B20B8} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

      DistributedCOM  event id 10010


      Note: This computer is NOT a server and is a home computer.  These errors seem to occur at the times of the black screens.


      At this point I am thinking the issue may be with Windows10.  If so, I'm more than willing to step back down to Win8.

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          Hello mate,i was alrdy afraid what its only mine problem or my monitor,but heres you with same problem) Looks like its just Win10 driver problem,i have a new RX 460 and i was using it on my computer for a week,and then im installed Windows 10,and this OS bring a lot of fun for me (no). Same random black screens,especially on low temp\card load.


          Im alrdy tried to fix it by Windows,by drivers reinstall,by driver settings etc but issue still persists...

          For real - its not annoying for me,i can deal with that and even stay at Windows 10 until fixes. But guys from AMD really need to fix it... Theres alrdy 3 driver versions without this issue even in "Known",can i ask why? I dont need Crossfire support or even game profiles,just fix it pls,at first!

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              Welp, still no help on this. 


              Nothing from AMD, no patches, nothing.  Driver update came out today and it's made things even worse.


              I'm done with this product and with this company.  I AM NEVER BUYING AN AMD PRODUCT AGAIN AND I WILL URGE EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER COME WITHIN A HUNDRED MILES OF ONE OF YOUR PRODUCTS.  Seriously, considering how wide spread this issue seems to be I'm considering finding a lawyer and finding out if there might be grounds for initiating a class action suit of some kind. 


              I'm not angry.  I passed anger weeks ago, I'm not even disappointed anymore.  Now, I just want to see AMD held to account for such a terrible product.