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r9 380 black screen and driver crashes

Question asked by ravagna on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2016 by imam360

Hi everyone


I've acquired a r9 380 4gb from powercolor in February. Unfortunately I have the black screen/driver crash issue, I've tried all suggestions here and the only thing that worked is installing the old 15.11.1 catalyst driver, but it gives me some graphic glitches sometimes. I'm really tired of waiting for a solution, I'm not even sure if the engineers are still looking into it. I just want to change this product or get a refund, so I sent it to RMA, but the store says that the problem doesn't happens in their machines, not surprised, so they want to send it back! Since AMD didn't fixed it yet at least I would like some kind of help with that, is there something that AMD could do to help me with that? I already feel like looking for a lawyer, but I would prefer some help with that.


I'm not from US and it doesn't like like AMD has a forum for us here, just this one.


Thanks in advance.