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HD7730 GPU || Windows desktop manager has stopped working + AMD Help center/GFX Settings

Question asked by migzdc on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by kingfish

Hello guys


I have an HD7730 2GBDDR5 GPU and I had the stock driver (the cd that comes with the product) installed. A driver update prompted after 1-2 months of using so I updated it thinking it's all good but during the update Windows desktop manager stopped working (which removed aero effects). After the installation I tried opening the new control center (radeon settings and crimson I think) but they won't even work.. No errors or anything they just don't start up. I tried restarting the computer cause I thought it was normal so I restarted it and after that I logged into my computer and right after logging in it gave me a blackscreen for about 1 min or less and then the errors show up after 1 minute. Here's what it looks like after the black screen (which is probably caused by the windows desktop manager failing to start up)




I failed to take a photo of the Windows desktop manager error but ik you guys know that already.


I've reinstalled the old driver now and everything works fine in the old version.. But I don't wanna settle for that haha. I really want to update my driver.




I've tried a few fixes like:
1. restarting? (Lol)
2. Restart windows desktop manager in services (doesn't work at all it just crashes again and again when I try to restart it)
3. sfc scan


My system:
Windows 7 Ultimate-64 bit
AMD A8-7600
Radeon HD7730 2GBDDR5

Emaxx A70FM2HD-iCafe Motherboard