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    Poor performance of 15.9 Linux driver


      fglrx64_p_i_c-15.201.1151-1.x86_64_RHEL7_64a.rpm) on my CentOS 7.2 machine (AMD A10-5700, Radeon HD 7660D). I use MeteoExplorer 2 (http://www.eastmodelsoft.com/new/downloads.htm) as the benchmarking tool to measure the performance of the driver and found the result disappointing. Compared to 11-15 FPSs offered by the default open-source driver, the proprietory driver only increments the bar to 20-21 FPSs. This is significantly less than that on Windows 7, which is approximately 60 FPSs. I wonder whether the fact that Windows driver is a lot of better than Linux driver is normal. If not, what efforts can I do to improve the performance?