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Windows 10 Anniversary driver issues

Question asked by helm2lee on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by amdmatt

After a windows 10 "forced critical update" to version 1607 anniversary edition, my computer goes to a black screen booting up. After contacting Microsoft help desk, they installed a different display drive to get my system up and running. After two weeks of fixing a laundry list of issues created from the ill-fated MS AE OS, I am still trying to get my display driver issue corrected, as the display screens flicker and videos do not run smoothly with the current installed driver. I tried downloading the current drivers listed by AMD but run into the same problem and have to revert to the last restore point. I had no issues with the windows 10 1511 version. Although my system is a bit older I have it set up nice and was blazingly fast prior to this  win 10 AE OS update.


I need help with what driver will work , here are the specs, (currently using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370 ver 8.771.1.0  dated 9/9/2010 driver)

HP Pavilion dv74285dx

Intel i5 M460 2.53ghz (running all 4 cores)

6 GB memory windows 10pro ver 1607 64 bit

dual 1tb  WDC HDD drives

Amd HD6370 graphics card

using 3 screens ( 2x monitor's,(( 1horizontal, 1 vertical)) 1x laptop) 3rd run through usb video adaptor

fingerprint reader, 4xusb, hdmi, sata, sd card reader, blue tooth keyboard mouse, untitek power 3xusb"3" expansion and sd card dock, wireless/cabled side sync sys


This is clearly an issue with windows 10 AE ver 1607 and higher OS, is AMD working on a fix,, ? Any help is appreciated, to invest in a new similar system would be very frustrating.