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RX 480 - Maximum Resolution?

Question asked by culverin on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by daddyoso


I'm hoping for some advice.

Currently setup:

  • Panel #1 - 1920x1200
  • Panel #2 - 1920x1200


Pending setup:

  • Panel #1 - 4096x2160
  • Panel #2 - 1920x1200 (vertical)
  • Panel #3 - 1920x1200 (vertical)
  • Panel #4 - 1920x1200 (optional?)



The 4k panel will be primary.   I have been considering a low input lag TV.

I'll be using it as a daily driver Windows environment.

For media, CAD and some moderate PC gaming.

I realize I mighth have to render at 1080p and scale up to 4k?



I'm moving up from an HD 6950.

AMD seems to be far less anti-consumerist than nVidia, so I want to stay with the red team.


According to the product page,

Max Supported Resolution (DIGITAL) ;4096 x 2160(HDMI;DP)


But I have concerns the RX 480 might not be up to the task?

Should I just hold off on the video card and 4k panel purchase until AMD can come up with something to answer the Nvidia 1070?


I'm hoping for your advice.


Thank you.