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bad performance with low load gpu on gaming, with nice driver 16.10.1

Question asked by pepe.sifu on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by olive


I have a problem when I play, I have low GPU load, with most games, the load is 70-90%, I remember the bad driver 16.9.1 the load of gpu was always 100% also the card was in idle, but with new drivers updates the problem was solved, but when the gpu was always at 100% load in games with 16.9.1 the performance was much better,but the driver had too big a problem after 10 minutes was broken because not support overclock on gpu core and the problem with load 100% on idle, with my old amd r7 360 card had no problem with the load of gpu, when I was in a game the load was always 100% with any game, never rose and fell the load always remained at 100%, and when watching a video with my amd r7 360, the load was always 20% and in a state of idle was 0%, i want the amd rx 460 work like my old amd r7 360, and the problem of load on idle was solved and broken driver, but now the load on games is fall and rise always with a low load, now I have the hope that a new driver the load of gpu in games is resolved.




fallout 4 90% -0% (this game has very low load in sometimes with no reason and fps down to 20 )

assasin creed unity 90%-70% (not good performance)

Rise of the Tomb Raider 90%-80%(not good performance)