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    Incompatible actual Drivers from AMD (RADEON R9 390X)


      Hi Guys!


      A Month later - or better a week later after posting here my problem with latency dropouts i found the issue after reinstalling windows 7 / 10 for 12 times.


      The Issue are the actual AMD Drivers past Version 16.7.2 from 02.07.16 or maybe one or two builds later.

      If i install a newer driver i get Sound Crackling 'caused by incompatibility of some Intel Drivers (Looks like USB XHCI Drivers).

      Why USB Drivers? My Mouse and my Keyboard are using both USB. I have a Background Light under the Keyboardbuttons.

      When there is a Voltage/USB Problem the Light goes off and a light will lite up on the top right (Speedlink Parthica).

      If i start a DirectX Program or Direct 3D Animation the light go off and the USB devices will hang for a second.


      Well, after trying over one month now to find the problem - PLEASE AMD... Fix it. There are terrible Latency Problems with the newer Drivers.


      Please - Thx!

      Greetings from Germany


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          The latest HOTFIX Driver from 20.10.16 (Release 19. Oct. 16) has the same issues in combination with an Radeon R9 390X and Intel USB 3.0 XHCI or AsMedia USB 3.0 Drivers. I've been asked from Sapphire and Intel to inform AMD with the issue but there's no technical support contact for driver / hardware issues specially for graphic cards. So i'll hope that it's done with this thread. Am i alone with this problem or has someone the same problems the following specs:


          CPU: Intel I7 6800K

          Board: Boards with Chipset X99 / C610

          Graphic Card: Sapphire Radeon R9 390X Nitro

          RAM: 4x 8 GB G.Skill RipJaws4 Red 2400 MHz



          Greetings from Germany