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      I have an AMD White and Blue mATX Cube Build
      Theres alot I need to upgrade but I just built the PC this month and its my first ever build

      Pic is frontside because the cable management is horrible and I'm embarrassed


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      CPUFX 8320
      CoolerHyper T4
      MotherboardAsrock 970m Pro3
      MemoryG.Skill Ares Series 4 Sticks of 4gb at 2133Mhz
      GraphicsXFX Radeon R9 280
      Disc Drive 1PNY Avail 120GB SSD
      Disc Drive 2HGST Hitatchi 2TB HDD 64MB Cache 7200RPM
      Disc Drive 3N/A
      PSUSama Power Supply 800W
      CaseApevia X-Qpack3 WHT/BLU
      MonitorSamsung 19" HDTV 60Hz
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          Awesome specs dude! '

          Would love to see the inside regardless the cables! We could give you cable managing tips!!!

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              lol ok remember you asked

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                  After seeing the pictures, the cables don't look that bad!


                  Only thing I would recommend is to try to push the front panel audio connector all the way to the left, so it can be hidden behind the case edges a bit, also putting some tension on those power/reset cables and zip-tying that bunch together can work nicely. As for those SATA cables, there's not much to do, but grouping together and zip-ties cant go wrong!


                  Otherwise the build looks fantastic! No need to worry about it

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                What an awesome little case, I never really liked mesh designs, but that's one of the few that I like.


                Awesome build truplague!

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                  Unfortunately, Glacier has Died.. This sucks but all I can do is move on so May I present the beginning of my second build. Reaver20181012_000328.jpg

                  the case is the q300L from cooler master and got a 240gb ssd from kingdian i know its an offbrand if that doesn't work i'll pick up something better and i got the ultra durable ab350m mobo from gigabyte with rgb fusion this is going to be a red and black build so i'm gonna need some rgb lighting thats why i got the board i'll probably open another post as time goes on just want to keep yall updated on glacier and its demise