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    Homefront: The Revolution Flickering (non Crossfire)


      Hey AMD,

      I just got Homefront: The Revolution and noticed an heavy flickering of Light in the outdoor areas (wet/dark spots; puddles)  regardless of which graphic settings am I using. Its very exhausting for the eyes. I noticed some folks around the Steam Forums mentioned the same issue, also all of the cases for members of Tem Red they have an Fury nano, Fury or Fury X (like me) GPU. I already submitted an driver report but since the game already is around for a while I just wanted to gain some attention to this issue. I tried capturing the issue on video using xbox game dvr (please see attached clip) but unfortunately the video only shows it about half a second and then it looks totaly fine on the video while the display output still flickers light crazy.



      Got a 2nd clip which shows the flickering quite good

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          Most likely a game related issue, crappy console port rushed to the market. The game is terrible just like the first one. Better post the issues in the home-front forums. These crappy console ports is making pc gamers think their rigs are faulty or have driver issues, but in reality its the game itself is poorly optimised for PC hardware.


          you cant expect AMD to release hot-fixes for a game that received an average of 5/10. the developers laziness is why the game might work ok on Nvidia, but not AMD or the other way around.


          For example; Mafia 3 runs on GTX1080 max settings @ 1080 an Average of 60fps, while BF1 runs @ around 130 frames max out on the same card, and the game looks ten times better then mafia 3.

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              Your answer is off-topic, I haven't started this thread to discuss the quality of ports nowadays. The fact that so far that in all the reports I've found so far where the user was using an AMD card, it was an Fiji based Chip, this leads me to the conclusion there has to be something in the driver or architecture which leads to this behavious. I report erros in the sake of AMD, so they can at least try to fix it. If its not on their hands thats okay,too.