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Homefront: The Revolution Flickering (non Crossfire)

Question asked by on Oct 18, 2016
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Hey AMD,

I just got Homefront: The Revolution and noticed an heavy flickering of Light in the outdoor areas (wet/dark spots; puddles)  regardless of which graphic settings am I using. Its very exhausting for the eyes. I noticed some folks around the Steam Forums mentioned the same issue, also all of the cases for members of Tem Red they have an Fury nano, Fury or Fury X (like me) GPU. I already submitted an driver report but since the game already is around for a while I just wanted to gain some attention to this issue. I tried capturing the issue on video using xbox game dvr (please see attached clip) but unfortunately the video only shows it about half a second and then it looks totaly fine on the video while the display output still flickers light crazy.



Got a 2nd clip which shows the flickering quite good