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Windows 10 Anniversary Radeon R9 270 driver - Slow window draw

Question asked by domain105 on Oct 17, 2016


I'm hoping someone will be able to provide some assistance and I am a tad stuck.  I have windows 10 64Bit running on a i7-4790 CPU with 32GB Ram and a Radeon R9 270 card. All was well until I had the Windows 10 Anniversary update. Since then the windows dialog boxes are taking minutes to draw. e.g. If I create a notepad document the text appears on the screen in spurts and with a long delay from when I typed it. If I close the notepad app, the window asking me to save has its outline drawn but is blank for a long time (minutes). The only way I can speed it up is if I click on another window overlapping it to force the screen to re-draw itself (doesn't always work).  It happens on all applications on load and also when menus are displayed or additional dialog boxes are displayed. It is making my system almost useless.


Things I have tried with no luck:

  • I have tried to roll back the Display device driver from Control Panel | device management
  • Uninstall the Display device driver from Control Panel | device management so it reverts to 'Microsoft Basic display adapter'
  • Uninstall The AMD Crimson app (version 16.9.2)
  • Update the AMD Crimson app to 16.10.1


There are no errors in the eventlogs that I can see. I am unable to roll back to an earlier version of Windows 10 as the 10 day deadline has passed.

I have noticed that as I install or uninstall drivers, things are working fine until I reboot and then on logon, things are working fine until around 5 seconds in and then the laggy draws start occurring.


Can anyone please help with any pointers as to what I can try next?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.