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    AMD Radeon R7 - best settings for HDTV as monitor?


      I recently installed a Radeon R7 240 (GV-R724OC-2GI REV2.0) in a Dell Optiplex Windows 10 machine and it is driving an 49" LG 4K HD TV (LG 49UH6100) being used as a big screen computer monitor.

      I'd like to try sharpen up the way the text displays on this big screen.  I've read lots and lots about how to play with the various LG TV settings, and I am continuing to experiment with them, but am wondering if anybody has any suggestions for how to best configure the graphics driver for this card to have the sharpest and clearest text.  I've tried using some of the Windows display properties scaling features....including scaling up the size of the text, trying different resolutions (4096 X 2160 is best), turning on and off ClearType, etc.

      But what I'm wondering is if anybody has any suggestions for settings specific to the Radeon card I'm using...either in the Windows configuration settings or the Radeon driver configuration program (I just updated to latest Radeon driver version I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.  Thanks!

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          There's no graphics options which will apply here. Do remember that television panels are not built to display sharp, fine, static text the way a computer monitor panel is, they're made to display images, so you're not going to get the same clarity from it as you would a proper display.



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              Yes, I do understand your point, and in fact I had already read the below article (the one you included the link for) before I bought my TV, so I definitely was prepared that a TV just isn't gonna look as sharp as a monitor when it comes to displaying text.



              And, in fact, I didn't mean in my message to indicate that I'm particularly dissatisfied with the way it looks on my TV....I'm just trying to optimize it as best as I can, so to that end I was wondering if there were any settings specific to my Radeon R7 graphics card itself.  Apparently there are not.



              I will say, though, that the text on my big screen looks MUCH better than the example in the article for which you included the link.  I note that article is dated July 2014 so maybe things have improved in the 2+ years since it was written.



              I do have one more question, out of curiosity:  just before I bought this LG 4K TV, I was debating whether or not to buy a 1080p or a 4K TV.  In the end, I decided on the LG 4K TV and the Radeon R7 card.  Do you think if I had in fact purchased the 1080p, would my text have looked even less sharp?  Or would it have been sharper?  Just wondering your opinion.....