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    Csgo runs really bad and stutters


      My Setup.

      MSI z170A gaming m5

      Intel i5 6600K 305Ghz

      Hyperx Fury 8gb 2133Mhz

      Radeon R9 270 x

      Os: Windows 10 64 Home


      My favorite game Csgo runs really bad a and i have allot of Stutter ingame.

      game will freeze up for 2-3 second and almost always when i peek a corner to shoot someone who is there i lag out and frames freeze and 2-3 seconds later i am already dead.

      it's completely killing the game for me like this. Playing competitve on Faceit is a complete rage fest.

      In the past before windows 10 i never had any problems and had over 300 Fps constant.


      I have tested with MSI afterburner and gpu load will not go above 75%.

      Heaven Unigine score on low settings: fps:126.6 score : 3187

      Heaven Unigine score on high settings: fps:53.9 score : 1359


      I have disabled the Xbox DVR in windows but it doesn't help a bit.

      Can any one help me out with this problem as i have no idea what to do anymore.


      Ps. World of warcraft runs fine with 100fps on high settings and it never stutters.


      I also upgraded my PC from AMD FX8350 4ghz, Asrock 970 Extreme and Corsair 1666Mhz ram to solve my problems but no luck.

      I did a complete reinstall of windows also.