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Csgo runs really bad and stutters

Question asked by blackaa on Oct 17, 2016

My Setup.

MSI z170A gaming m5

Intel i5 6600K 305Ghz

Hyperx Fury 8gb 2133Mhz

Radeon R9 270 x

Os: Windows 10 64 Home


My favorite game Csgo runs really bad a and i have allot of Stutter ingame.

game will freeze up for 2-3 second and almost always when i peek a corner to shoot someone who is there i lag out and frames freeze and 2-3 seconds later i am already dead.

it's completely killing the game for me like this. Playing competitve on Faceit is a complete rage fest.

In the past before windows 10 i never had any problems and had over 300 Fps constant.


I have tested with MSI afterburner and gpu load will not go above 75%.

Heaven Unigine score on low settings: fps:126.6 score : 3187

Heaven Unigine score on high settings: fps:53.9 score : 1359


I have disabled the Xbox DVR in windows but it doesn't help a bit.

Can any one help me out with this problem as i have no idea what to do anymore.


Ps. World of warcraft runs fine with 100fps on high settings and it never stutters.


I also upgraded my PC from AMD FX8350 4ghz, Asrock 970 Extreme and Corsair 1666Mhz ram to solve my problems but no luck.

I did a complete reinstall of windows also.