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Constant Blackscreens - while watching streams R9 390 (Nitro)

Question asked by bananaramab on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by bananaramab

Hey there,


I hope you can help, because I can't find my problem.

I have an issue that slowly kills my selfbuild PC. I have a new PC, 3-4 months old, and this is my second graphicscard (r9 390 Nitro by Sapphire).

The first one had some issues with the fans so I returned it and got a new one, in addition, I bought a new screen (former 23", now 27" ASUS VX278 , 1920x1080), around one month before the problems started.

Since then, I receive random Black Screens (Sound loop or continues for a few seconds, keyboard and mouse still glowing, since early September).

It always happens when I browse the Internet, like Twitch or Youtube (once in Word, not sure if I had a stream open) - never while playing a game as far as I remember.


When it started, Windows10 told me it had to reset some Graphic settings or what so ever and the screen got black for less than a second.

After a week, it started to freeze. Within the past month, I had only two bluescreens.

- First Bluescreen (In this time the problems started): System_Service_Exception (atikmdag.sys)

- Second Bluescreen (last week): THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER


What I tried so far:

  1. Deinstall with DDU
  2. Set to an older Driver Version of AMD
  3. Reset my PC (with Windows function, didnt have a CD to do a normal reinstall)
  4. Changed Browser
  5. Clean Install via USB (two days ago)


Additional infos I think are important:

  • When I used my old screen (DVI), I had my TV plugged in with a HDMI to watch streams before the crash thing started. Until then, no problems.
  • When I got the new monitor, I used the HDMI input for the PC monitor and plugged out the TV (didn't need it from then on)

        First time I used the new monitor, texts were blurred. I then used a DVI to HDMI converter to plug in my monitor. Worked.

  • When WoW: Legion was released, I visited some friends with my PC, after that I used HDMI without converter - no problems why so ever, at that point of time the crashs started to occur.

Changing HDMIs does not work. TV was not connected the last month I think.


Today I had 8+ hours of watching streams on my TV for the first time (connected with HDMI), PC Monitor was connected with DVI to HDMI Converter since the 390 only has one HDMI port.

No crashs until a few minutes after I turned off the screen and changed the Windows Settings to "Only Second Screen" (TV got recognized as first Screen all the time, couldn't change it) => Crash.

I monitored the GPU usage with GPUZ and checked afterwards, nothing strange. Windows Eventviewer, also nothing strange.



I really hope you can help.



I don't know why I should change the text @Admin, please contact me so I know what's wrong for you, thank you.