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3DS Max 2017 under bootcamp on iMac Retina 5k: Fans running at full speed?

Question asked by barrylegg on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by barrylegg

Hi - first post here. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.


I'm running 3DS Max 2017 on an iMac Retina 5k (late 2014) with Radeon R9 M295x (4gb) under Windows 10 in Bootcamp.


Everything appears to be running ok, but I'm slightly concerned about why the fans run at full-speed the moment 3DS Max is open. They will run at full-speed even when Max is doing nothing, sitting at an empty scene.


I've checked the task manager, and Max is not hitting the CPU hard at all, so it's unlikely to be the CPU fans which leaves me to believe it's the GPU fans. I can't get any feedback about the level of work my GPU is doing - is there a good utility for it? The only AMD utility I've tried says the GPU is doing 0% work all the time which... can't be right.


Anyone having this issue? I'd appreciate a decent utility from AMD or Apple to effectively help monitor GPU activity for the Mac-edition AMD cards.


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