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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Question asked by c0li83r on Oct 16, 2016


I'm having an issue with crashing during game, load cutscenes. When I booted the game the first time and started a new game I got frozen black screen with audio of the opening battle and the saving icon. This issue is related with anti aliasing option, every thing above fxaa and smaa crasehes the game or glitches the screen. I noticed that catalist 15.11.1  up too Crimson 16.5.1 resolve this problem. I'm using Crimson Edition 16.10.1 Hotfix. Tested drivers 16.9.2, 16.7.3, 16.7.1, 16.6.1, 16.5.3, 16.5.2,  - same issue


20/10/2016 - Intalled windows 7 64bit Professional - same issue with drivers


I found the solution of this issue. After I copied atidxx64.dll, atidxx32.dll, aticfx64.dll, aticfx32.dll into main AC Black Flag folder the msaa issue was gone.




Windows 10 64 bit Pro


AMD X6 1045T CPU

MSI R9 270X 2GB GPU Crimson 16.10.1

8GB Ram 1333MHz Kingston

Nec LCD170V Display

Cooler Master 500W