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triple 390x crossfire failed on overwatch

Question asked by caiyan1990 on Oct 16, 2016
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I am having trouble playing overwatch with my triple 390x corssfire. The system configuration is as follows:

3960x(default speed, no oc) 16g DDR3 2400 Asus Rampage IV Black Edition (X79 platform)

triple XFX 390x 8G crossfire

win10 64bit pro edition

crimson 16.10.1

+12v single rail PSU rated at 1800W (true, special product made by HIPER group)


I used to have two 390x running crossfire and playing overwatch on my 4k display with no problem except the already known flickering issue. However, after purchasing another same brand, same spec 390x and forming a triple 390x crossfire, overwatch became not playable. To be more specific, I can open up the game to the main menu, changing settings and etc., but whenever my hero dies in a game, in the kill cam scene, the whole screen will turn totally white, with no display at all. The sound is fine, but I cannot see anything. Each time I had to use ctr+alt+del to terminate overwatch.

I have been testing this triple crossfire system on 3DMark, AIDA 64, and I have run Furmark exterme burn-in to see if the PSU is ok. Everything turns out fine.

Worth noting is that there is no graphic error message when the screen turns white in game.

With overwatch being one of the most popular games now, I sincerely hope AMD could resolve this issue and not letting my investment be in vein.ray_mamdmatt