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    Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered (GPU is RX 480)

      • My system is the nextone:

                GPU: Sapphire Radeon Nitro Plus RX 480 4GB GDDR5

                Desktop System

                OS: Windows 10 64bit

                Driver Version Installed: 16.300.2311.0

                Display Devices:  AsusVG248QE, using DVI, 1080p at 120hz (i experience flickering at 144hz, it only happens with this graphic card not with my old one that was a GTX 750)

                MOBO: asus z170m-plus

                CPU: i5-6600k

                PSU: Tacens Valeo V 700W
                RAM: Kingston HyperX 2800 DDR4.

                CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 103


      I must add that i have a fresh install of windows 10 without any previous drivers from any other GPU.


      • My issue:

                After installing the drivers i get random crashes saying "Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered", this crashes happen when i roam around the different options of AMD Radeon Settings or           when im browsing on google chrome and also when im playing a game (only tried CS GO and Overwatch so far).


      • Related:

                It looks like when i downclock the GPU with MSI Afterburner Around 1100 Core clock and  1500 Memory Clock i can play a bit but it ends crashing again after 10-20 mins.