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    Upgrade from 6770



      I have used the 6770 for quite some time and looking to upgrade with a new build, I have 3 monitors that i use in both 3 single mode and combined for gaming.   Looking for a recommendation on a card to upgrade to,  is the 480 the obvious choice?

      Thank you.

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          depends on the resolution of the monitors. 3 x 1080p monitors would work as long as your not looking for ultra high settings in game. Here's  a YouTube video using multi monitors AMD Radeon RX480 8GB GDDR5 Eyefinity test - Not to shabby! - YouTube It can run gta v at 5760x1080 with a combination of high and medium settings. Gamers comment not mine.

          If you going for an aftermarket card go for an 8GB  ASUS, MSI, or XFX card.

          the RX480 would be a good stopgap before investing in more expensive graphics cards, FuryX cards would be my first choice if it wasn't for the price and 4GB vram and what's coming next year.