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R9 390 -> Benq 6W2765 Display port - no signal (working perfectly before)

Question asked by merithyn on Oct 15, 2016

All of the sudden I got no signal message from my main monitor on dp (benq mentioned above) and it goes to sleep mode. It was working fine before along with my second monitor on hdmi. But now the graphics card is still detecting benq monitor even after no the monitor says that there is no signal and goes to sleep mode and even after I turn it off. I need to unplug it so that my second monitor becomes the main one.


Now when I hit clone key and go to crimson display info I get no name monitor when there was a benq model name before (and in system settings its labeled as generic non-pnp on low resolution).

Even if I unplug my second monitor and use only benq there is the same no signal message now.


Btw, I plugged it to my laptop via hdmi and it's working fine (there is correct info about the monitor in crimson display settings). But I cannot test dp cos I don't have any other device with it beside my pc so I have no idea if its driver related/graphics related or monitor related...


On latest crimson drivers and fully up to date win 10 pro.