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    R9 380. 16.10.1 still did not fix any of my issues.


      "Charm solitaire" game for my mom still works only with 16.7.2 and earlier.

      Livestreamer+vlc player combo for watch twitch streams still works only with 16.7.2 and earlier.

      OpenGL in ppsspp emulator still works only with 15.7.1 (by the way the only no issue version)

      Once black screens fixed immidiatly something else goes wild.

      You guys just broke something in drivers and cant find out what is it.

      Myabe you should up to date old catalyst? It would be more helpful than making crap for 1.5 year.

      Im not trying to be rude or give offence, i know this work is not easy, just saying what i see: 1.5 year of nothing.