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    clock watchdog timeout


      i am getting this error and a blue screen and the pc freezes,it happend 2 times in 1 hour..............what is this ?is the proccesor?


      proccesor: AMD 8320 no overclock

      motherboard:asrock 990fx killer

      graphics card:giagabyte r9 290x

      memmory:16gb ddr3 1866 hyper x

      power supply:thermaltake 850w

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          When you get an error code and a BSOD your computer is telling you what went wrong.

          If you need someone here to interpret it for you, please take a screen shot of it and attach it to your post.

          Also, you can check the event logs around the time of the shutdowns to see what may be causing the problem. 

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                At this point, you will need more info on this error code than I have knowledge of...

                A quick search on the web for "clock watchdog timeout" gives many items as to what is causing this error code.

                Because I do not know what BIOS and OS versions you are on, you will have to fine the solution that best fits your situation.


                Here is a start... (from Tom's Hardware.com)

                Unplug any USB plug and play devices.

                Update BIOS.

                Update your OS.

                Update all drivers.

                Check BIOS "temps" to see if there is an overheating condition.


                I hope this helps...

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              Many times the error message reported is not the actual problem but an issue that develops as a result of something else so take these error reports with a large grain of sand.


              The first thing I would suggest is running Memtest86+ overnight to check your RAM for issues. If it test OK then I'd remove all RAM except one DIMM and see if the problem still exists. If it does not then you may need to upgrade to a newer BIOS if you don't have the latest BIOS for your mobo currently installed. The other basic PC operation basics such as checking the INTERNAL CPU temp which should never exceed 61C are also important.

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