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Stuttering sound and video [AMD FX 8350]

Question asked by efes on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2016 by techguy

Hello Community,


Couple of weeks ago I built my PC. Its specs:

AMD FX 8350 on ASUS M5A97 R 2.0

Geforce GTX 970

8 Gb RAM

Windows 10 64-bit


Since recently, I started having issues with sound. I first heared that while listening to music on YouTube. Sound stuttered for less than a second from time to time. I had the same issues on my earlier PC (also using AMD FX CPU) and I couldn't solve it. It is not a problem of background activity because I purposely don't open anything else than a browser. I tested in on Firefox and Edge and the problem persists. However, after some time of struggle, it seemed that everything was fine when I successfully reinstalled Nvidia HD Sound Driver.


Unfortunately, two days later, problems returned. What's more, I tried playing some demanding games on ultra quality. Moments later the sound was stuttering terribly and this time it was followed by stuttering video. Lagging didn't last more than a second but it was repeating at a very high rate. After quitting the game YouTube was running almost as badly. After a while and restarting the PC, it got better. It seems to me that some of my hardware is probably taking too much on that ultra quality (not in every game, however) and I thought it could be the CPU as the fan works terribly loud during the game.


Could it be the case? What is your advice? What should I check or do to prevent that from happening?