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    Dual Firepro W9100 configuration



      I'm planning a Dell T7910 with two Firepro W9100 adaptors. I'll be running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 as OS.

      It will be driving two monitors, and my thinking is to let each adaptor drive one monitor.


      How do I configure X to do that?

      And can I use Xinerama to get one big desktop driven half-and-half by each adaptor?



      I should pehaps explain that I'm using 2 x W9101 solely for the openCL compute performance for Abaqus simulations.

      And that I suspect that there has to be a minimum of one monitor connected to each adaptor for it to work properly, why my plan is to have the two adaptors each drive one monitor.




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          Adding our Firepro expert fsadough.

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            There is plenty of information on how to do Xrndr on SUSE.  SuSE Server 12 is not supported yet by our drivers. What is the purpose of running 2x W9100 and each serving a monitor?

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                It has been my understanding that there needs to be at least 1 monitor attached to a graphics adaptor for it to work properly... true?

                I want to leverage the FP64 performance of the W9100 using openCL.

                The workstation is a dual Xeon E5-2637 v4 setup, so one W9100 to support each 4 core CPU.

                I'll be running MPC on two such workstations, hence the need for a Linux OS.

                Presently I'm running SLES 11 SP3 in a system using dual Nvida graphics adaptors and this has worked fine.

                However, as Nvida limits the FP64 performance on their graphics adaptors and you don't, I've decided to change to your W9100 for my new setup

                Now, I was betting that it would be easy to mimic my present setup where each graphics adaptor drives a singel monitor which is combined to one single desktop using Xinerama on the newest SLES 12 SP1 (for Xeon E5-2637 v4 support) but if your drives do not work for SLES 12 then I'm a bit stuck.

                What abouyt RHEL 7.2?

                It is my understanding that because I've chosen the E5-2637 v4 I need either SLES 12 SP1 or RHEL 7.2 ?

                Best regards,

                Lars P. Nielsen