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Question asked by swaccelerated on Oct 13, 2016
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Hello,  quick rant,  I try and make it to as many AMD live streams as I can, great community and loyal members that always use AMD products for powering they're entertainment PC platforms.

I have been a gamer since birth and I love how this community reaches out to its followers,  gamers want a community like this and have it.  With this being said I feel that the forever loyal "AMD Red Team" is being pushed aside by "The New Unknowns"  in the live stream giveaways on

I hardly ever make it to these giveaways because of my work schedule but when I get home I hear the horror stories of how accounts made on the same day of the stream are winning $200 + dollars worth of top of the line merchandise.  I understand the rules and the freedom given to build the community with new members,  however I strongly feel the amount of tickets in Revlo should be increased and this is why...


My total tickets right now = 3246

Total tickets purchased per RX480 last night  = 2701


I have enough tickets to out-bid the entire giveaway and I am not even in the top 100 of the leaderboards.

AMD's loyal Twitch audience has tickets to spend and a ton of them,  the smartest thing to do is to increase the tickets needed to enter giveaways of higher value to make it fair for the people that have given their time for AMD in the years building up to this point.


AMD Red Team has points,  lets put them to use!

New members keep showing your love and earn enough points for those big giveaways!


Feed me with your thoughts on this subject,  agree? disagree? why? and what would help the community grow stronger?


Showing my love for AMD Red Team

Scott Wilson (Mobius)

from SWAccelerated Gaming