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    FirePro W9100 on Windows 10 Pro


      Windows 10 Pro version 1607 build 14393.222


      Using recommended drivers 16.40.2715-beta-firepro-windows-retail fails with Windows blocking driver for not being digitally signed.


      Using signed drivers 15.301.2601.1002-whql-firepro-windows-retail fails with "Detection Driver error.  Contact AMD for assistance"


      This is a new pc, i7-6700K, Asus Sabertooth Z170 mobo, 64GB ddr4, corsair cooling & psu, Samsung 1TB M.2 ssd, Seagate 10TB sata, Intel X520-DA2 10GBe nic.

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          Adding our Firepro expert fsadough.

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            Please explain, what you mean by new PC. Is the W9100 the first card you installed on the system?

            1. Did you update your system BIOS?
            2. Did you install latest chipset drivers from ASUS?
            3. Are all Windows updates installed?
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                The problem is that the 16.40.2715 beta driver, despite being listed as having "[s]upport for Windows® 10 Anniversary Update (‘Redstone 1’)", does not work because Windows does not accept the signature.

                From looking at the actual driver files, I see that the previous release (16.40.2301) has its files signed by WHQL, while the signatures in the 2715 driver are all by an AMD certificate. The difference is thus (from "signtool verify ...cat", without the /pa switch):



                File: C0307473.CAT

                Index  Algorithm  Timestamp


                0      sha1       Authenticode


                Successfully verified: C0307473.CAT


                File: C0307711.CAT 
                Index  Algorithm  Timestamp
                SignTool Error: A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root
                        certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider.

                Number of errors: 1

                According to Microsoft's Driver Signing Policy, drivers have to be signed with an EV certificate to be accepted by 10 1607 (and, for that matter, Server 2016). As far as I can determine, the new certificate used in the 2715 driver is not an EV certificate and hence has no chance whatever of working. The WHQL certificate used for signing the 2301 driver is not an EV, either, but is a WHQL certificate instead, which I suppose may make the difference.


                Since the driver signing policy change is fairly recent, I suppose the problem could be on the client side (missing root certificate update, perhaps?), but I think it is just as likely that someone at AMD made a mistake signing the new driver.


                @fixer: The only driver I think will work for you at this time is the 16.40.2301 beta (16.40.2301-beta-firepro-windows-retail.exe), if you can find that somewhere. I can send it to you, but I would not trust myself if I were you.